TOP 10 Windows Shortcut keys you never knew about!

windows shortcut keys

Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. It Powers almost 90% Of the computers all the world. And today I will show you Some of the coolest windows shortcut keys you never knew about!

windows shortcut keys

  1. Magic Lock Screen Keys – If you have to leave your room for any sudden reason you can directly lock your windows computers with this two magical keys -> ” START + L ” Saves your time and provides security.
  2. File Explorer – Ever wanted to open file explorer without your mouse?  Well, there’s a shortcut that opens file explorer with one click and the keys are -> ” START + E “.
  3. Connect to Devices – Now with this shortcut keys, you can directly check the list of devices you want to connect to. The Keys are -> ” START + K”.
  4. Search In Start – To search directly from any screen press “START + S”.

  5. Notifications in seconds – Windows 10 comes with action center where you can see all your notifications – To see your notifications press “START + A“.
  6. Move to Desktop Instantly– Directly move to desktop from any screen by pressing START+ D together.
  7. Windows Settings – By Pressing “START + X” you can directly see windows settings directly.
  8. Minimize everything – To minimize all the active screens press ” START + M “.
  9. Open Task Manager – By pressing “ALT + SHIFT + ESC”  Together
  10. Take a Screenshot – Take a screenshot in any windows machine by Pressing “START + PRINTSRC

windows shortcut keys

These were some of the Most used windows shortcut keys – If you know any new keys please comment down below! And don’t forget to share this post with friends and family to save their precious time. I’ll see you in the next post see you soon have a nice Day/Night

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