11 reasons why Android is more Productive and Useful than An Iphone.


Android – Is an operating system for smartphone and it powers 80% of the smartphones in the world. And today I am going to give you 11 genuine reasons why an android is better than an iPhone, in which field is an android better and why!.



So let’s get started straight to the point – why androids are better than phones –


  1. Ease of connection – You can use various devices on your Android device from a mouse to a printer to anything that gets connected to OTG cable.


  1. Dual sim support – If you have 2 sim cards one for work and one for personal usage, then androids are the smartphones you have to pick because they support two sim cards which none of the iPhone do. You can also switch the data in between those sim cards.

Android Dual sim

  1. Support for more storage – When you are running out of space on your smartphone you can simply add an SD card and expand your storage on your android device which makes it a way lot cheaper than buying 256GB I-phone.

android sd card

  1. Multiuser Support – Any Android user using Android 5.1 + can add users like we add users on a windows pc giving them permissions for files or calls and there is also a support for child mode where things are optimized for children and keep children away from all other stuff.

multiuser android

  1. Data transfer between PC – All Android users can just plug in the USB cable to their computer doesn’t matter its Linux or windows or even a mac it simply gets paired with it and without any pairing software like iTunes and being offline too.


  1. Faster Charging – No matter which Android device you use it charges faster than most of the iPhones with same battery capacity. Which saves your time and you feel like flash!

fast charging

  1. Fixing an issue – If you arrive with any problem on your Android device just ask your friends or google it most of the solutions are there online because 80% of the world uses Androids. The large support is provided without even visiting a service center.

  1. Ability to Change your ROM – There are different ROMS present in the Android world since it’s an open source Operating system developers across the world design new customized versions of Android with some unique features and looks. If you get bored while using Samsung’s touch wiz you can always find a stock ROM on the internet and then flash it and feel like you are using a new smartphone.


  1. Customization – You can totally twist and turn the look and feel and the working of your android device with cool things like launchers, which make your device feel something new every time you put an icon pack you feel something cool rather than just changing your wallpaper on your I phone you can even change fonts, icons, widgets and the default apps too.

Smartphones like Samsung Note and LG stylus, Support stylus which makes it even more productive and realistic.

And there’s a fact that Android users are 10 times more productive than an iPhone users you can guess it why!!

  1. Cost and variety – You can get android phone starting from 40$ in us and 3000rs in India and this means every 8 out of 10 users in the group will have an android so you can easily do the whole lot of cool stuff together. There are very high-end Android smartphones too but you have a whole lot of brands to choose from e.g.- LG, SAMSUNG, MOTO, MICROMAX, NUBIA and so many other brands too.


  1. Google Integration and Google Assistant – Android is made and developed by Google and if you want the best Google services on your smartphone then you should go for an Android – Apps like google photos, google search, google movies, google games, google now and YouTube is from google and they come integrated into every android as system apps which make your life whole lot of better than apple apps.

google assistant

Google assistant is said to be the best AI assistant on any smartphone yet! And guess what it just comes in androids!!


And also comment down if you want me to write about the things which an iPhone is better than android.




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