What Is Smartphone Addiction? – How To Deal With It.

Smartphone In your hand defines your status ?

Smartphone addiction

Well for today all these advertisements made by different smartphone brands are really defining your status and lifestyle?

In late 1900’s when telephones were the only means of wireless communication. The only work done by a telephone was a phone call and nothing else.


JUST THE PHONE CALL? -> Who calls now a days?

Well yes, the only job of the telephones were to call and just nothing else.

This might make you feel a bit shocked because – You can’t use Facebook, you can’t text anyone. And the most important you can’t text using a telephone.

WERE those phone calls like today’s phone calls?

Well no – Because those days talking on the telephone was considered very supreme and extreme like not everyone was lucky enough to call their family or relatives over the telephone.

Even if they were richest families in the country they used to schedule the phone calls for weekends mostly. This made the phone calls precious and special.

Phone calls today -?

It’s totally different we don’t call unless we are forced to or you can’t explain any situation via text. Today’s generation texts more than it breaths. An Adult of 20-year-old texts around 1000-2000 messages per day. This is the average some people go beyond 5000 messages per day. And calls are considered as the distraction from the screen.

Smartphone Addiction 

People today are addicted to their smartphones in such way that they can skip their food or they can skip their sleep just to see stuff and text people on social media.

What causes smartphone addiction?

Excessive use of a smartphone to do not so important task is considered as smartphone addiction.The main applications which have the most number of active users all the time.

  1. Social Media
  2. YouTube
  3. Music
  4. Pornography
  5. News
  6. Gaming
  7. Shopping etc.

What are the effects of Smartphone Addiction?


smartphone effects

The addicted smartphone users are always distracted no matter in which environment they are they would be staring at their glass screen all the time.

Some of the major problems faced by smartphone addicts are-

  1. Depression
  2. Eye Strains
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Back Pain
  5. Irregular sleep patterns
  6. Headaches
  7. Low self-esteem / Selfishness
  8. Concentration Problems
  9. Communication Problems etc.

We see everyone around us is hooked up to the phone all the time. They don’t even time to look at the people in the same room they don’t even like talking to people. They just want a peaceful place with good internet speed. All this indicated to a severe addiction like drug addiction. Let’s compare drug addiction to Smartphone addiction.



SituationDrug AddictSmartphone Addict
With Drugs/SPHappyHappy
WithoutIrritated and DepressedIrritated and Depressed
Like going out?NoNo
Like talking to people often?NoNo
Can they hurt anyone If they don’t get it?YesYes
What is their mindset about real world?It’s nothing just so sad and unhappy.It is small and limited.
Does society like such people?NO –  People prefer staying awayNo- People don’t feel special talking to such people.

What can be done to overcome this addiction?


The road to Recovery Sign

The same way in medical doctors try to keep addicts away from drugs and they give them medicines to stop the urge to take in drugs.IN smartphone addiction the user is unaware that he/she is an addicted person.Users should try to check their smartphone usage cycle.


Download this app from play store -> Click me

Just start the app once it will start observing how many times you unlock your phone and for many minutes you use it.

And then after 24 hours check your phone compare with the addition meter below.


Time LimitLevel
2-4 HoursMedium
4-6 HoursHigh Level Addiction
6-8 HoursStop it Right Now
    1. If you belong to Normal Level You are safe this addiction is away from you and you are having a balanced life. No issues what so ever.
    2. People in this group are getting closer to High level risk. Figure out what is making you so addicted and try to reduce the timeout as much as possible from 4 hours try to make it 3 and then you’ll be able to reach to normal level or else you might land in High risk level.

    1. 4-6 Hours of a day? Well its either you don’t have a life or you are born in virtual world. If you move with this pace you might take over drug addicts in a few months. You need to seriously decrease and limit yourself from now. This could lead to bigger health issues in next 3-4 years and it might affect your future. Make a priority list and start working in real life more than the virtual smartphone world.

  1. 6-8 Hours-> Guys “YOU SHOULD THROW YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW” Either you have no life at all or you are a slave who’s made to use the smartphone for all the day. You are losing a lot your valuable time with family and friends and your loved ones. They might start avoiding you in a few days and you will notice it. It would be very disappointed after hearing what people think about you and it would be too late to recover from this addiction if you want to. STAY AWAY FROM NOW OR ELSE PEOPLE WOULD PREFER STAYING AWAY FROM YOU.


Okay, Guys if you have any suggestions on how to reduce the smartphone usage and help people to recover from this addiction.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this article with family and friends to help them figure this before it’s too late.

See ya!

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