Smartphone Might Replace The Need Of A Camera Soon?

Samsung Galaxy S9+ gets Camera Ratings 99% Beating Google Pixel 2 – 98%.

This means the camera in the galaxy S9+ is better than any smartphone camera in the world. Which also means its very much comparable to any professional DSLR camera out there. In this post, we would see some of the facts about smartphone cameras and Professional camera’s.

Everyone Has A Smartphone But Not A Camera!


This simply means everyone who has a smartphone has access to a camera. But everyone who has camera might not have features of a smartphone in it. People prefer smartphones with a good camera so they could skip buying a camera. On an average, A good DSLR in India costs around 35000 Rs to 60000 Rs.  So People are intelligent enough to decide whether they spend 35000+ Rs and get a camera or they buy a flagship smartphone from Samsung, LG, and Apple by adding a 10000 more in it.

 Do Smartphone camera’s Actually fill in the Gap?

Number of photos taken per day
In 2014, according to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, people uploaded an average of 1.8 billion digital images every single day. That’s 657 billion photos per year. Another way to think about it: Every two minutes, humans take more photos than ever existed in total 150 years ago.

 In 2014 1.8 Billion Photos were clicked Per day but in 2018 1.8 Billion X 3 = 5.4 Billion Photos clicked per day. And out of 5.4 Billion Photos, only 1-2 Million is clicked on a Camera. This shows that very few people use the camera for photography every day.

Main Reasons Why People Choose A Smartphone Over A Camera!

selfie camera

1. Easy to carry anywhere.
2. Can view and edit picture then and thereafter clicking the picture.
3. Can Share the Pictures directly to the favorite social media.
4. Long Battery Life of the Smartphones makes it easy and less painful than charging the camera for hours and then shooting for 1-2 Hours.
5. Different Softwares and Live filters make it more easy to click a great picture than on the camera.
6. The main reason is here “Selfies” Out of 5.4 Billion pictures per day 4.0 Billion are gonna be Selfies and I haven’t seen any camera until now with a selfie support.

Places Where A Smartphone Fails To Match the Professional Camera.


When it comes to the Output and productivity in the work section. Let’s see how A Camera beats a smart-phone.

  1. The Quality of the Image on a camera is better than most of the smartphones.
  2. The Zoom Power of the Camera is amazing. Which cannot be replaced by the smartphones yet?
  3. Manual Mode – Professional Photographers Use this feature which allows them to click pictures using their settings. This feature is implemented on some of the smartphones today but ” Daddy is Gonna be Daddy”  in This case.
  4. Support to various Lenses – Well this isn’t possible on smartphones yet.
  5. The Sound quality and the video quality is also up to mark Better than smartphones.
  6. Support to various File formats while shooting which isn’t choosable on a smartphone.

Future of Smartphone Cameras?

To be very honest I think the future of smartphone cameras is going to be beyond the camera. Since most of the smartphones, today started using AI for image processing and clicking a picture or making a stable video. The AI could be used to make smartphone camera’s better than Professional cameras. And also in the Hardware section with some of the major changes on the Zoom thing could fill in the gap between the two.

Conclusion ->  Cameras will always remain important for Photographers since they’re Very focused and non-disturbing Devices like our smartphones. Our smartphones tend to disturb us while clicking good pictures but with the camera, you are just doing the right thing at the right time with no possible distraction.

What according to you is better for Everyday Use ? (reply in Commenets down below!)

  1.  Pixel 2
  2.  Canon 1300D

Thank you for reading Guys. I would catch you in the next post. Have a Good Day/Night.

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