How the Smartphones Completely changed from 2017 to 2018

What changed The smartphone Industry completely?


The smartphone market is one of the most dynamic markets you will ever see. Its mainly because smartphone brands try to bring something new every single day. Today A brand launches its flagship tomorrow another brand launches its flagship smartphone and then it goes on going month by month and year by year.

Screen To Body Ratio

SO at this of year, most of the big brands have launched their flagship smartphones – one thing to be noticed is the design of the screen on all the flagships are close to bezel-less. This trend has been started by Samsung with its Glaxay S8 and S8+ where they have reduced the bezels in their smartphones to a new level.

top 10 smartphones

Essential Phone

After Galaxy S8 we saw the Essential Phone (officially Phone or PH-1) is an Android smartphone designed by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, and manufactured, developed and marketed by Essential Products. The phone was officially unveiled on May 30, 2017. This smartphone had Essential PH-1. Screen-to-body ratio: 84.9 percent.

After these smartphones, we saw Apples iPhone X with a revolutionary Notch in November 2107.

iphone x

iPhone X

As soon as other brands saw this next level designs they started working on their own smartphones and brands like LG, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo followed this trend. And then the whole smartphone industry moved towards the new screen technology with dual cameras and High-end processors.

On-screen Fingerprint Sensors

Vivo onscreen fingerprint sensor


So Vivo built the world’s first smartphone with on-screen fingerprint technology. so it saves the space of front placed fingerprint sensors and its quite accurate.

Face Unlock

These phones also got face to unlock feature which was available in past android phones on android jellybean- at that time those systems weren’t accurate and anyone using your photo can unlock your phone. So they improved this flaw and got it back in 2018.


Face Unlock

Now every smartphone that comes to the market no matter if it’s a mid-range smartphone or high you will a face unlock feature and an infinity display.

Dual cameras

dual camera smartphones

Dual camera- 90% of the smartphones today have dual cameras some use the secondary lens for wide angle pictures. And some brands implement it as a monochrome sensor. The quality of the pictures has improved. And youtube is getting better videos due to increase in the camera quality.


These were the top reasons how smartphones changed from 2017- 2018. Thank you guys for reading. Keep supporting us by sharing this post and our website. Have a good Day/night.

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