Top 10 Social Life Hacks to make you famous In 2018

Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform- This hacks would work everywhere!


1 Keep a good Profile picture

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– Whether it’s for Instagram or for Facebook they use 1:1 Ratio for profile pictures, so make sure your profile picture is of 1:1 Ratio, if it does not use photo grid and make it Instagram size picture.


 2 Have a simple and perfect bio –


Like we say “the first impression is the last impression” – It works well with your bio too – Make it as simple as possible. Tell about you in a simple way avoid emoji’s in the bio and horizontal bios are way better than vertical ones.


E.g. 1:- Vertical Bio

18 years old,

Love dancing

Love singing

Dogs are bae!


E.g. 2:- Horizontal Bio

18 years old | Love dancing

Love singing | Dogs are bae!


3 Post things which are related to your interest and which describe you in the post.

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This would give people an idea of what you like to do and what you do and if they share the same interest them would either follow you or send you a friend request.

4 Make things easier for the public and your followers-

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By giving a simple caption and the location of the picture or a landscape you clicked might help some people finding a great place. If you want awesome captions for your pictures, check out this page -> Captions

5 Connect with people who share a similar Social life and interest-

social life

This could give you an idea of how to do things and how things work in your interest circle. You could end making some good friends around the globe.

6 Post once in a while –

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Don’t overflow with 30 pictures once in a month and then expect people to like it. Post 1 every day instead or 2 in a week. This would show your account as an active user, not a ghost user who posts once a month.

7 Like and appreciate others work –


If someone really tried something very good in the post appreciate it by liking or commenting this would create a positive vibe between you two and next time when you post, this follower of you would appreciate your work too.

8 Keep things positive–

People are not interested in the sad post as compared to happy and sweet looking posts. The more positive your profile the more positive response you would get from the people in social media.

9 Never put anyone Down–

Don’t post something hurts someone of a different country community or gender. Be funny but in limits because this could take away your respect and you might get unlinked and un-followed or unfriended on social media.

10- Never give up–

If things seem to be not working for you, Give it another try from another angle but never leave your aim to become what you want to. Don’t let negative people out there pull you down. If someone is posting or messaging you something abusive or bad please report them and block them as soon as possible.


Thank you guys for reading, Don’t forget to share this post with friends and family and help them to grow their social media organically. I’ll see you guys in the next post. Have a Good Day/Night


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