Why Indian smartphones Rank nowhere? Dark Truth

Why Indian Smartphones Rank nowhere?

indian smartphones

India is known to be a very computer literate country since it produces the most number of computer and electronics engineers in the world.

Even after producing so much Indian smartphone brands stand nowhere in the international markets.

They are not even able to capture and impress their own people.  { My post is not meant to Insult our country or anything related to that. It’s just the fact and everyone should know it.}

Why do Indian smartphones fail to impress and please customers and the world?

Some reasons are listed here.

  • Build Quality – The Quality of the Indian brands are not as good as any Chinese smartphone. Either they look too outdated or they are running with old processors and specs. Either they are copied or just too common.
  • Low Performance – The harsh truth of Indian brands is that they don’t use any flagship processor for the price they should be using. For example, many Indian Brands Go with MediaTek processors which are less efficient and they often lag. But whereas you see any Chinese phone like Xiami they Use Snapdragon Processors making their smartphones are faster and more battery efficient.
  • No High-End Smartphones – All Indian brands are just stuck at the 5000-15000RS budget range and they think it’s going to benefit them and people but no The harsh truth is they are very scared to enter high-end flagship smartphones. In a society, there are different types of people. And some people invest in Budget oriented smartphones and so do some in High-end smartphones. Just because our Manufacturers can’t make any high-end smartphone they blame the market.
  • After Sales support – Doesn’t matter which Indian you choose you won’t be satisfied with the customer support and services. [“I have been using an Indian smartphone from last 8 months and one day my charger stopped working just after 2 months. So I went to the service center and then showed it and the people there said to go to the other service center in other cities. Which was very annoying and then I went there because I had no choice and the same case in this service center. Which annoyed me so much that I threw the charger in the Trash in front of them and left the place”] this is the worst thing that any brand or company could ever do with their customers and I know most of us have faced this issues.

  • After Sale Value – The value of after sale is very low it’s close to nothing. I had Yureka Plus which was of 12000 in 2015 today if I See the exchange value of this phone it’s around 700 Rs to 1500 Rs on all leading e-commerce websites. This is one of the many reasons why people don’t prefer Indian brands.
  • Android Updates – None of The Indian brands provide proper updates to their manufactured devices and most of the kit Kat devices launched in India never got Lollipop updates. And now most of the marshmallow devices aren’t getting Android 7.0 N update.
  • Old Technology – Indian brands offer old hardware in their smartphones. Which makes the devices lag and not pace up properly in day to day tasks.
  • No Innovation – Some of the Indian brands just go to China and rename the brand of the smartphone and ship it in India Projecting that they have designed and manufactured this smartphone. But the truth is they have just changed the logo and bootloader of the smartphone. Or some of the smartphone makers directly copy other manufacturers’ design and specs.

These were some of the main disadvantages of buying An Indian brand smartphone.

indian smartphones

What should be done to fix this?

The only thing that can be done to fix this innovate something new and fresh with the new hardware and software available in the market. Something very new and powerful.

  • Make high-end Smartphones – To compete on world level ranking. (Sad news none of the Indian smartphones were able to rank in top 50 -100 smartphones in the world.)
  • Try to improve overall services in the countrywide – By quick customer support and fast solutions to the problems faced by users.
  • Provide Good built quality and add on’s – This would make the smartphone more durable and strong smartphone which looks good and feels good while holding.
  • Provide with fast software updates – The faster and updated the smartphones would be the more satisfied the user would be.
  • Make use of Android Correctly – Android is very excellent and open source OS which allows Manufacturers to simply modify the system as per their needs.


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