How To Survive A Whole day In 50% Or Less? Battery Saving Tips

Battery Drains? Not enough Charge?

battery saving tips

So this thing happened to me when I was going from one station to other and there wasn’t any charger in the train so I had to survive 26 hours in the train with barely 32% of battery. I’ll tell you guys how I did it without missing any fun in the journey.

So you are going on a trip or somewhere and you end up waking up late in the morning. So you hurry up and get ready pack your stuff and ready to move at your car and then you see your phone and its just 30% say or last night’s charge left. Or Any situation where you have to cut the whole day without charge.

Got a fix for you! Battery Saving Tips 

battery saving tips

Put Your phone on Power Saving and then turn off data WiFi and GPS. Avoid touching your phone because on-screen time is going to consume more battery. This can make your phone go around a day.

Things you can do to not get bored –

music saves battery

  1. Call somebody – since the calling process does not involve on screen timeout or internet it does not affect the battery of your phone. 1-hour phone call might drain up to 1-3% of your battery.
  2. Plug in your earphones – Play music offline and this would go for hours and hours without draining any battery. In the case of Bluetooth headphones, it might drain a bit more.
  3. Meditate – This is very helpful since it’s going to make you calm and you feel relaxed.
  4. Look around – When you have less battery in your phone, you get more time to look around and see the beauty of nature.


gaming eats up your battery

  1. No Videos – Avoid playing videos when you have very less battery on your phone.
  2. No Games – Do not play any games when you have a low battery because it’s the most resource demanding thing to on any smartphone. It will drain your battery at the highest speed.
  3. No Browsing – Internet on screen timeout is the third fastest way to drain your battery to avoid it completely if you want your phone to survive until you get power.

And you reach home – Plug in your phone and let it charge 100% and then start using it without any limits.

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