Trying An unknown earphone for 500Rs- Shocking results.

Finding the best earphone under 500Rs

Traveling alone and then you lose your travel partner – Your beloved earphones.

So it’s about the time when I was in Kolkata I have lost my boat earphones while traveling may be in the cab. So I decided to buy a new one since I was alone in the city it was impossible to live without music and late night movies.

So I rushed to a nearby market and started looking up for earphones. After looking some of the earphones in the shops I wasn’t sure which one to buy. Either they were too expensive for the quality of output they gave. And then I ended up getting to a local store and I asked for an earphone – the dude asked me the budget I said around 500-1000 he gave two earphones. One was JBL it costs around 850Rs. I tested it on my phone but to be honest, the sound quality wasn’t impressive at all.

I looked upon on the other earphone – it was decent looking earphone with universal settings. I tried it played a song and I found it better than the JBL one so I was satisfied with the earphones quality and I asked for the price the dude said it was for 600Rs and then I gave him 500Rs and said that’s all I’m gonna pay and he accepted the deal.

Here is the review of the 500 RS Unkown earphones.

It comes in two colors Black and white.

Colour options white and black

It supports universal mobiles means both the different type of output given by your phone.

Either it’s IP OR NX switch which one works best with your phone.

unknown earphones

Universal Button

Universal output switcher

It also has a good microphone to make phone calls for gaming.

The quality of wire is best I would say. It’s mostly because it’s tangle free and it seems quite strong. In this price range so far the best wire quality.

unknown earphones

Black variant

Sound output Quality

Sound quality is beautiful I would say. Not as perfect as my Boat Nirvana earphones which cost me around 1400 but this one is pretty beautiful for its price. It has good sound quality and you can feel the quality while hearing beats in the song. You’ll not be disappointed if you use these earphones.

Brand – it’s a local brand – I didn’t find much information about the brand. But they’re pretty good at whatever they are doing with their products.

unknown earphones

It says on the package A To Z brand which doesn’t have any presence in the online market and I would like you to try new things and write your comments and views about this.

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Thank you for reading have a good day/night.

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