All You Need To Know Before You Start Blogging

What Is Blogging?


Blogging – Is nothing but writing on the blog is called blogging.

What is A Blog?


CrushFD – Movie Blog

A blog is a website – which focuses on posts rather than website pages.

Who can be a blogger?


Anyone who’s willing to give some time for creating content. He can be a full-time office worker who gives one hour daily to tell people about the software he uses in his office. This way he stays constant and he is a blogger. Other could be someone who wants to become a full-time blogger (which is not recommended in the start because you won’t start earning from day one.) All you need to do is to get your shit done. Like you should have basic needs with you. So it’s recommended to take a part-time job where you can earn money for your basic needs and also can do your blogging. Once you start making a good amount of money from your blog you can quit that job and become a full-time blogger. 

It’s best for school and college students – Because you get plenty of time, Kids who love to read and write can easily switch to blogging. And students who waste their time on TV and all another kind of stuff can easily make time for blogs and while they get out of school or college they would be able to become a full-time blogger earning a decent amount of money with their blogging skills.

Benefits of blogging –


1.     Self-branding – You are putting your valuable content for the people. You are helping people and people know that you are putting efforts to write this post. And this way you are telling people more about you.

2.    Getting sales – if you become a good blogger you can make money by selling things you write about.

3.    Helping the community – You are being a part of the internet which means you are a content creator.

4.    Making money Via Ads – You can make income using Google AdSense and other affiliate programs.

5.    Brand Value – You have some value in the eye of your consumer – Which makes you stand out.

6.    Being Different – Every blog out there is unique and it is made by all kind of people who want to contribute something to the internet. You aren’t like everyone else who consumes blog writings you create blog posts.

Risks Involved in Blogging – 

blogging risks

1.    Traffic – Blogging is a process which might take some time to rank you in Google and other search engines and social media.

2.    Not able to rank Posts – Which simply means your posts aren’t visible on search engines you need to work more on your posts.

3.    Too much of competition – You are typically stuck at a point where you have to compete with so many other big bloggers and you feel like you got no luck. (Make sure you don’t lose hopes in this condition. Take this as an opportunity. )

4.    Spam – Sometimes some not so good people on the Internet trying to put you down with bad comments and links. Avoid them and focus on the good.

5.    Hacks – Here bad people on the internet try to break down your website. (If this case ever arrives make sure you connect o any expert ASAP – You can also contact us. We will try to stop that attack ASAP for you.)

Before you start Blogging ->

You need to give time to your blogging career –  Like around 10 hours a week and about 2 hours from Monday to Friday Minimum. The more time you give the better you get at this. 

How to start blogging?

how to start blogging

1.    To start blogging one should have domain EG. My Blog domain is (

2.    A host where your blog data is stored.

3.    Security like SSL (to show your blog as safe to visit on most of the leading browsers)

4.    And Lot of content. (Your blog posts or anything you want to post.)

5.    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is needed to rank your posts on Google to get more traffic.

6.    Constant Posts – You should post constantly once you start.

If you have got these terms and want to start your blog now? (Click this link to get your blog done at a very low cost. Starts from Rs. 6000/only)

Once you got your blog designed and you are ready to start with blog writing the main thing.

Things you need before you start writing a post.

1.    Make sure you verify the facts you are putting in your post. Don’t fake information this could mean a lot to any viewer. It could affect his life or situation.

2.    Don’t copy paste others post thinking you got a shortcut to your blogging career it doesn’t last?

3.    Add photos in between and create proper subheadings after 100 words.

4.    Try to explain things as simple as possible.

5.    Be prepared for any kinds of comments.

6.    Make sure you have a Facebook page and an Instagram page for your blog.

7.    Use proper keywords (the word on which the whole post is focused upon. E.g.- Android is a keyword for my post the best androids in 2018. Make sure you use the word  android more in the post )

8.    Be confident while writing you are the teacher and you should have all your confidence while writing the best blog post.

9.    Make sure your blog post is more than 300 Words. (Microsoft word is recommended for writing blog posts).

10.                       Use images with a small size – or your posts will take longer to load.

You are all ready to go ->

lets go blog

If you have any issues writing blog posts you can email me your blog posts I will try to help you with your posts.

If you need live help while writing a blog post or starting a website -> DM Me on Instagram @anix_Com or email me at [email protected] I will help you ASAP.

Thank you for reading and I hope you do very well with your blogging career.






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