Ultimate Smartphone Photography and Editing Guide

Ultimate Smartphone Photography and Editing Guide

Ultimate Smartphone Photography and Editing Guide

Smartphone photography is the latest and most used photography medium in today’s fast-moving world. In this E-book, I will try to explain the importance of smartphone photography and also I will guide you guys with skills in photography. Which you could use and make your Social media, Blog, Photography collection success.

I am Anurag Kumar Yadav. A 19 Year old smartphone photographer, Fashion and Tech blogger.  In this e-book, I will tell you my real life story about my smartphone photography experience. So let’s dive in!

Smartphone Photography

Things you will Need:-

  1. A Smartphone with 8 Megapixels and above camera (Complete list of smartphones with all price range)
  2. Smartphone with 16+ GB of internal storage (The more the better)
  3. Minimum 3000 Amh battery (The more the better )
  4. A tripod &  A selfie Stick
  5. Photo editing software’s
  6. The most important “you The Photographer”

How to Start “The Beginners Phase”

Ultimate Smartphone Photography and Editing Guide

There are three main steps for smartphone photography





Ultimate Smartphone Photography and Editing Guide

Recommended Camera software for Android – Google Camera or Default camera.

For iPhone – Use default camera.

Number 1. Click what you think is clickable! Like, don’t get into a thought process and take hours to decide what you click.

EG- I choose to click flowers. So I will find a place close to my house where there are plenty of flowers so I could practice on the different kind of flowers.

Number 2. Choose time accordingly

EG- If you want to click flowers go to the park in the morning or the early evening it’s the best time to click pictures with accurate colors. Avoid going to click pictures when the sunlight is too high or too low.

Number 3. Camera Settings of your smartphone.

Settings I recommend – Use 3 X 3 grids.

Resolution Settings should be 4/3

Flash Settings Off – For daylight

HDR – only for stable and Non – moving shots.

Number 4.  The angle of your camera tries using 3X3 Grids to put your focus object into the middle grid which is the 5th Grid.

And Try moving your phone around to see which is the best possible background for your flower image.

Number 5. Click multiple shots of the same object –

This will give you a choice to choose between the best shot out of all you have clicked. This increases the chances of getting better photos.

Once the clicking phase is complete – Start with editing.

Apps you need to have on your phone.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
  2. Instagram
  3. Photo Grid

Once you have got all these apps to let’s get started with Basic editing.

  1. Crop – Cropping is very important to cut out the access area of the photo and make your focus object look better.
  2. Rotate – If necessary rotate the picture to see how it looks at the other side.
  3. Blur – If you are focusing on only one subject in the image make sure you blur the rest of the image by some percentage. This feature is available in the latest version of Adobe photoshop express.

Lighting –

  1. Dehaze – This is my favorite feature of adobe photoshop Express app this app

This post will be Updated On daily Basic so stay tuned for more info . Click a lot of pictures.




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