July 4, 2018

About Us

About Us

Smartputers Tech

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Smartputers.com Is a website that offers you a lot of features like tech blog, photography and travel blog, motivational quotes, fun facts , video tutorials, hacks and tricks, social media tutorials, lifestyle hacks, technology news, computer services and much more.

Smartputers is made up of two main terms “smartphones + computers”
we cut out the Smart from smartphone and Puters from Computers and created a new Name Smart + Puters = Smartputers

We started with a motto that is Travel with Tech – Which simply means “Everyone travels with technology in their hands”. So this website helps people to excel in their life using our free tools. And fast social media and email support to help them understand and use things in a better way.



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To make you rank and grow.


To make you stand out from the crowd.


to Help you know new things. In an easy way.;

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